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Kaydar Home, 5-7 Snowsgreen Road, Shotley Bridge, DH8 0HD, provides 24 hour care in “a home from home” accommodation for 8 people.  Each person has an Individualised Care Plan which is compiled in conjunction with the cared-for person (and family/friends if the person wants).  This enables staff to understand what each individual requires from Kaydar and how they want it done, within the remit of Residential Care specifications.

Representative Fee Levels:  From  £491:14 per week.

CQC Rating : GOOD  

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Kaydar provides care from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Kaydar Day Services, St. Marys Street, Blackhill DH8 8PG. We promote all aspects of personal development, as agreed with the individual and Care Co-ordinator, and  this includes social, physical, educational and self-development activities.  All people who attend Kaydar Day Services take part in customer meetings each morning to share their views on what they have done, e.g. liked or disliked, and also tell staff what they would like to do so it can be documented and arranged.  

Representative Fee Levels:  From £32 per day + £0.40p per mile transport to and from home.

P.A. & Social Inclusion Services: Telephone: 01207 591651

This service provides people with more individual, flexible, bespoke packages of support, usually on a one-to-one basis.

Representative Fee Levels:  From £12 per hour + £0.40p per mile transport over 15 mile radius, (this is currently being reviewed)

Services we offer at Kaydar

Kaydar Services cater for people on an individualistic basis regardless of their age or diagnosis; to us it is more about whether Kaydar can meet  a person’s needs and whether they are happy for Kaydar to do so.

Customers include :

People who are 16 + (transitional);

People with Learning Disabilities;

People with Complex Needs;

People with Special Needs

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Phone: 01207 591651

Owners: Gus & Noreen Burns

Persons in charge: Gus & Noreen Burns

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Kaydar represents the names of the owners’ son and daughter – Kayley and Darryl – to remind all our staff, every day, that the care Kaydar provides should be nothing less than we would all want for our own family members.

The 5 “C’s” - care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment - are the foundations on which Kaydar has built it reputation.

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